Book Snaps: Intro

My husband made me a beautiful bookcase to house some of my many, many, books. He says very little (aside from a small under-his-breath rumble about borrowing from the library) as I bring home more, and more, and stay up late to read them all. He pointed out that a lot of people ask me for book recommendations. “Why don’t you make a blog about books you’ve read?” he asked. And now you are here.

It started on Facebook, I’d snap a photo of a book where it landed just as I finished reading; I’d write a few lines in a snappy little review, and post: book snaps. That was a few years ago, since then, my reviews have starrted to get a little longer and more detailed. I try to add hyper-links to great articles or background information, documentaries, films, videos and podcats as well. I’m slowly adding some sentence and passage studies that are great for writing teachers to use in their classrooms too.

I use the following rating system:

Two snaps: my highest approval and distinct enjoyment of a novel (think like cool hippies snapping their fingers at a poetry reading).

One snap: not a waste of time, but falls short somewhere along the way (I’ll try to explain where).

Oh Snap! For books I really didn’t like!

My bookshelf… still need more! I’m a libary for my students!

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