Book Snap #7:

Title: The Woman in the Window Author: A.J. Finn

Date Read: March 14, 2018.
Two Snaps.
Great thriller with a twist I did not see coming. Great for plane rides and snow days.

Book Snap #6:

Title: Far From the Tree Author: Robin Benway

Date Read: March 9, 2018.
Two Snaps.
A thoughtful and touching YA novel about what family really means, and that’s not necessarily blood.

Book Snap #5:

Title: Long Way Down Author: Jason Reynolds

Date Read: February 15, 2018.
Two Snaps.
I inhaled this. Written in short, fierce, narrative verse it spans all of sixty seconds of time and the intensity is palatable. Amazing Young Adult novel– read everything Jason Reynolds writes, you will not be disappointed.

Book Snap #3:

Title: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Author: Gail Honeyman

Date Read: February 4, 2018.
Two Snaps.
Couldn’t sleep. Put on a fire and finished this one. Loved it! An engaging story with the most aberrant of narrators whose own professed idiosyncrasies hold a mirror up to societal conventions, human connection and mental health.

Book Snap #2:

Title: We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night

Author: Joel Thomas Hynes

Date Read: January 14, 2018.
Two Snaps.
If Trainspotting was set in Newfoundland. You’ll love it in spite of yourself.

Book Snaps: Intro

My husband made me a beautiful bookcase to house all of my many, many books. He says little as I bring home more, and more, and stay up late to read them all. Then he pointed out that a lot of people ask me for recommendations. “Why don’t you make a blog about books you’ve read?” he asked. And now you are here.

Instead of long reviews, I envisioned snappy little overviews of the books I read. I hope my little snaps will lead you to a book you would like to read too.

My rating system explained:

Two snaps: my highest approval and distinct enjoyment of a novel (think like cool hippies snapping their fingers at a poetry reading).

One snap: not a waste of time, but falls short somewhere along the way.

Oh Snap! For books I really didn’t like!

My new bookshelf… still need more!

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