Book Snaps: Intro

My husband made me a beautiful bookcase to house all of my many, many books. He says little as I bring home more, and more, and stay up late to read them all. Then he pointed out that a lot of people ask me for recommendations. “Why don’t you make a blog about books you’ve read?” he asked. And now you are here.

Instead of long reviews, I envisioned snappy little overviews of the books I read. I hope my little snaps will lead you to a book you would like to read too.

My rating system explained:

Two snaps: my highest approval and distinct enjoyment of a novel (think like cool hippies snapping their fingers at a poetry reading).

One snap: not a waste of time, but falls short somewhere along the way.

Oh Snap! For books I really didn’t like!

My new bookshelf… still need more!

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