Book Snap #20:

Title: Educated              

Author: Tara Westover

Date read: July 24, 2018.

Two Snaps.

I was held captive by this memoir. It arrived from Amazon in the mail, I literally read it all day. Utterly fascinating. Unbelievable!

Book Snap #19:

Title: Sh*t Show! Author: Charlie LeDuff

Date Read: July 18, 2018

Two Snaps.

Tough-talking, in-the-trenches reporter, Charlie LeDuff, writes an irreverent but compelling analysis of Trump’s improbable success. Great read! Thanks, Matt Savage, for the loan!

Book Snap #17:

Title: Amsterdam Author: Ian McEwan

Date Read: July 9, 2018.
One Snap.
I wanted to like it. Maybe, but not really. I sort of cared about the characters, but I found them hard to relate to.

Book Snap #18:

Title: 180 Days: Two Teachers and the Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents

Author: Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle

Date Read: July 16, 2018.
Two Snaps.
The rock stars of English Language Arts teaching bring it in spades. This professional read had me very excited about planning for next year’s teaching! I was excited to discuss it with my English team this year too! A constant companion throughout the year as I reflected on good teaching and thoughtful planning.

Book Snap #16:

Title: Everybody’s Son Author: Thrity Umrigar

Date Read: July 9, 2018.
One Snap.
Another tough look at race and privilege. A good story, but lacks the emotional rigour of the last read.

Book Snap #15:

Title: Small Great Things

Author: Jodi Picoult

Date Read: July 6, 2018.
Two Snaps.
I had mostly written Jodi Picoult off, but I am so glad my neighbour loaned me this one, and that I had an open mind. I loved it. An absolutely compelling story about race and prejudice. Picoult did not back down, and you will love her for it.

Book Snap #14:

Title: Sharp Objects                              Author: Gillian Flynn

Date Read: July 1, 2018.
Two Snaps.
Because I totally loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, I was compelled to buy this next novel. This was so good! An amazing read. Going to say, it’s likely better than what HBO will come out with… but I am always a book over movie/TV adaptation person.

Book Snap #13:

Title: The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window in to Human Nature

Author: Steven Pinker

Date Read: June 29, 2018
Two Snaps.
This was a bit of work. In it, Pinker takes on scientific questions- how language affects thought, as well as questions from headlines and everyday life. All the while contemplating how our mind works by examining the way we use words. It only took me six months to slowly work through it, Dawn Gordon, but I am glad I read it! I am mostly snapping two fingers because of the mental work that was required…