About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle.

I want to live in a world filled with innovative educational practices, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force-field around my keyboard that repels cat hair and my sticky-fingered son.

As a teacher with 20 years of experience, I’ve worked teaching youth in the foster system; multi-aged pupils in Japan; and thousands of high-school students at Leo Hayes High in Fredericton. I have been called tutor, sensei, teacher, and SPR of the English department– but my all-time favourite title is Mom. I care deeply about kids, learning, books and fair assessment practices.

When I’m not teaching or supporting English teachers, you can find me tap dancing, seeing live music with my husband, reading YA books to recommend to my students, or answering the question “why” for the eleventy-bajillionth time.

Thanks for stopping by.